Infographic: Contactless payments versus cash
What quickly became apparent – and fully embraced – after lockdown was the importance of contactless payments as the safest way to pay. Plus, contactless was rapidly becoming the preferred method of payment even in geographies where cash was still considered king. View our infographic to find out more. 
Online payments integration: 4 unobvious questions to ask yourself when adding a global eCommerce channel to your B2B business
Is it as easy to integrate payments into your infrastructure as each of the payment providers describe? I will share the things that stunned me when I was working on payment integrations for the launch of a complex, worldwide, B2B eCommerce site for a Kainos customer. Read on to find out more.
Case study. Kainos and Concardis: Enabling contactless payments remotely in the time of COVID-19
Kainos worked with Concardis in an agile way to pioneer their bespoke digital product, SmartPay, which is designed specifically to simplify face-to-face payments. It enables merchants to digitise their systems. reducing costs, and does not require any physical interaction to set up. Read on to find out more.
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