Move from experimentation to production quickly and confidently with Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Machine Learning (ML) represents a significant market advantage for organisations that can harness it. But success hinges on the ability to make ML operational, repeatable and scalable – enter MLOps.

Increase Machine Learning productivity

Kainos combines ML, DevOps and Data Engineering technical expertise to standardise your ML models for production cloud deployment:

  • Create repeatable model templates from experiments to production that can be repurposed and reused across multiple ML solutions
  • Increase the speed of model deployment, iterations, and fixes  


Standardise through MLOps to increase speed, reduce costs and drive alignment 

We help you ramp up quickly with a tried and tested framework of playbooks and models for accelerating the deployment of data science projects into enterprise architecture.  

  • Drive alignment between data science, engineering and operations teams 
  • Accelerate the move from experiments to production 
  • Enable the fast creation of new ML models 
  • Reduce costs through better resource efficiency 
  • Embed transparency and explainability by enabling auditing of model predictions

eBook: From tactical to transformational

This eBook will identify where your organisation is on the Machine Learning Maturity Scale and outlines how you can move from tactical to transformational with MLOps from Kainos.

eBook: From tactical to transformational

This eBook will identify where your organisation is on the Machine Learning Maturity Scale and outlines how you can move from tactical to transformational with MLOps from Kainos.


Reduce the risk of failure through automated continuous testing and monitoring  

Our experts build in ongoing testing and monitoring, and automatic triggering and alerts for production models.

  • Maintain the quality and security of data
  • Limits the impact of model drift and degradation
  • Ensure evolving data assets can be monitored alerted, maintained and retrained regularly in production

Harness the power of cloud to scale data science 

We enable organisations to transform the operational gains from data science by adopting ML in the cloud.  

  • Provision end-to-end tooling for production ML in the cloud, embracing automated ML DevOps pipelines  
  • Leverage best practice guidance to understand and compare the options available; across leading cloud providers and open source ML tooling 


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“We approached Kainos with the idea of using AI to automatically extract the information we needed from KIIDs. Kainos’ AI team had fantastic experience with document analysis and NLP and they delivered the project perfectly!”

Darren Burrows
Founder and CEO

“As part of our ongoing strategic aims to become the world leading digital land register, the automated document comparison project has been a successful first step in our journey towards embracing artificial intelligence to improve our service and enhance how our employees work.”

HM Land Registry

Our People

Peter Campbell
Data & AI Practice Director ·
With over 22 years' experience working in Kainos, Peter is an expert in digital and data transformation. Peter drives the adoption of production AI/ML services for our customers to solve challenges not possible before.
Alexey Drozdetskiy
Head of Data Science ·
Alexey’s 20+ years of experience in science and big data have equipped him with the technical knowledge and business understanding to lead projects end-to-end. Leading projects from Pre-Sales and Advisory to Production and Managed Services for clients ranging from small organisations to FTSE100 companies.
Ruth McGuinness
Data & AI Business Development Director ·
Ruth leads Data & Artificial Intelligence sales for Kainos. Ruth has a diverse background in start-up, scale-up, and Big 4 technology; with significant experience in guiding technical teams to deliver data-led transformational change for customers across public and private sectors.
Greg Richards
Business Development Manager ·
Greg has worked in the delivery of digital transformation solutions over the past 17 years and is passionate about working in partnership with customers to leverage the benefits of MLOps - delivering value quickly using a proven, scalable framework.