Turn your data into insights that will drive your organisation

We harness your data and give it purpose. We will deliver meaningful insights to enable you to drive your organisation, understand your customers and identify opportunities for growth and continuous improvement.

Empowering organisations in government, healthcare and the private sector to thrive in the data economy

As leaders in agile data delivery, our capabilities span the full analytics stack. Kainos experts will help you collect, store, move, share, and combine data assets intuitively, increasing efficiency, productivity and innovation. 


Data discovery

We assist organisations in shaping and understanding their data roadmap and helping you decide where to start. We can assist you in aligning data initiatives to your organisational strategy, and helping you identify which initiatives will deliver the most benefits.

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Data driven decisions based on real-time insights  

  • Visualise data in a way that is meaningful. 
  • Employ heat maps, geospatial intelligence, and analyse data over time for deep insights 
  • Gain understanding of citizen, patient and customer needs and behaviours
  • Investigate the drivers of your organisation’s performance 
  • Data driving better forecasting and predictions 
  • Identify trends and make confident business decisions 
  • Publish, share and exploit consistent data across all levels of the organisation 

The best people and technology to help you become a data-driven organisation 

Our expertise in delivering advanced analytics, streaming and technologies at scale means we know how to make data the driving force of your organisation. We build end-to-end solutions that connect data sources, create visualisations that give you a view of your entire ecosystem, and deliver data in a simple and intuitive way that enable real-time decision making.  

User-first design to democratise access to data

We blend design expertise with technical capabilities to put data in the hands of the business. We simplify analytics by taking away the need for developer input and enabling self-service data discovery. Tailored tooling and access suits different levels of expertise, reduces user frustrations, and democratises data so everyone can benefit.

This provides all stakeholders with the opportunity to produce reports and access intelligence without relying on IT and data teams.


Underpinned by good governance 

We work with you to overcome challenges to data sharing – including security, legal and governance barriers – and embed data standards. 


“We have been risk-rating garages for a number of years now by asking a series of questions which can be open to interpretation and lead to inconsistencies. By using ML to assess risk it is far more accurate, and as the data is created by the garages and not by us, it means we are able to target garages that pose a higher risk to road safety. DVSA has enjoyed a very collaborative relationship with Kainos. It has been a real partnership. Both DVSA and the garage trade are interested and enthused by our revised risk rating model.”

Chris Price
MOT Product Manager

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Looking to digitally transform your business? Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Our People

Peter Campbell
Data & AI Practice Director ·
With over 22 years' of experience working in Kainos, Peter is an expert in digital and data transformation. Peter drives the adoption of production data services for our customers, ensuring our customers solve challenges not possible before with the application of AI/ML.
Andy Burnage
Head of Data Engineering ·
An experienced data leader, Andy has over 20 years experience in defining and delivering information solutions in complex environments. Andy helps companies define data strategies, leading them through to implementation with innovative solutions in data warehousing, data quality, master data, and business intelligence.
Rachael Bland
Head of Data Analytics ·
A data analytics leader with over 20 years experience in shaping, leading and delivering innovative, high-profile analytics solutions for Big 4 consulting firms, global systems integrators, and across various industry sectors, including central and local government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail banking, utilities, and retail.
Lee Johnston
Data Business Development Consultant ·
With a passion for helping customers solve their most complex problems, Lee has over 7 years of experience delivering digital transformation projects. Lee supports customers to take advantage of their data and works with them to unlock business value.