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Test Isolation with Jest in Typescript
This post covers how to test units of code in isolation with the use of Jest mocks and Spys.
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Online payments integration: 4 unobvious questions to ask yourself when adding a global eCommerce channel to your B2B business
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Today, online payments are a must. But is it as easy and obvious to integrate payments into your system and infrastructure like each of the payment providers describe? I will share the things that stunned me, when I was working on payment integrations as a Solution Architect for the launch of a complex, worldwide, B2B…
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Case study. Kainos and Concardis: Enabling contactless payments remotely in the time of COVID-19
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Kainos worked with Concardis in an agile and collaborative way to pioneer their bespoke digital product, SmartPay. Read the case study to find out more.
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4 ways cloud can maximise productivity in the Engineering and Construction industry
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Engineering and Construction (E&C) is the second largest industry in the UK. In 2018, Construction alone contributed to 6% of the UK’s total economic output.1 Furthermore, every £1 spent on UK construction creates £2.92 of value for the UK economy.2 Technology, more specifically, digitalisation of practices, has been continuously mentioned as one of the greatest…
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Why hybrid cloud is the key to digital transformation in the financial services industry
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“The digitisation of everything is coming” says Stephen Man, Global Head of Technology and Change (Banks & Broker Dealers), HSBC Securities Services. This belief was demonstrated with HSBC’s new partnership with AWS announced last month. Yet many banks and senior management teams are still reluctant to invest in the digitalisation of their businesses. This seems…
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The 5 essential building blocks of a quick, safe and secure cloud migration
How to move to the cloud quickly and safely 1
Lift and Shift  Three simple words with an understated level of complexity for migrating to the cloud. Let us be honest for a second though – if migrating to the cloud was easy to do, most companies would have already done it and more than likely, done it themselves. Any form of cloud migration can…
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What can the UK Government teach Financial Services about cloud adoption?
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HSBC and AWS have just announced a massive, strategic deal that indicates a clear direction of travel for one of the world’s largest banks. So, is this a sign that one of the more cloud-sceptical sectors is really changing tack? Or is it another big cloud deal that works well around the edges but doesn’t…
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Team psychology and emotional intelligence in product management
At the heart of it, product management is about bringing people with the right skills together and creating the right environment to develop products that solve problems for users and businesses. Bringing people together with varying personalities, experiences, and views, within a team can enable you to make great products. But these teams are wonderfully…
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Using AWS Glue to query AWS CloudWatch Logs
Recently I was asked to provide a quick, efficient and streamlined way of querying AWS CloudWatch Logs via the AWS Console. These logs were already being streamed to an AWS S3 bucket, and so I initially thought of simply interrogating the logs via AWS Insights. However, upon further investigation, I quickly saw some drawbacks to…
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13 ways to reduce your spending on AWS
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Many companies have already started their cloud adoption journey however those newer to cloud often state that their biggest challenge is lack of resources or skills. As companies become more advanced in their use of cloud the challenge shifts towards managing cloud spend[i]. Many successfully move to the cloud but struggle to control cost sprawl,…
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