Earn as you Learn

If you’re leaving school, Kainos Earn as you Learn could be a brilliant move for you. Get paid to study for your degree part-time – and get valuable real-world experience while you do it.

Joining us as an Apprentice Software Engineer, you’ll earn a great salary and all the benefits we offer our staff. You’ll work four days a week, and the other day will be spent studying for your degree part-time at Ulster University, over four and a half years. We’ll pay your tuition fees as well as your salary – altogether, it’s a package worth up to £100,000.

You’ll get to work with experienced software development professionals on live projects for real clients – it makes for faster, better learning opportunities that are much more rewarding. And you’ll get to enjoy everything that comes with joining an exciting, dynamic and award-winning business at the forefront of our industry.

You’ll have money in your pocket along the way, be debt-free when you finish and come away with a full degree and a great job to walk in to.

Unbeatable benefits

Great salary
You'll receive a great salary every month
Tuition fees paid in full
You'll leave university with no debt
Books allowance
Support with the costs of course reading
Skills for Me training fund
£250 skills fund for any course of your choice
Mentor / career coach
Experienced mentor to give advice and support
Flexible working hours
Work our core hours as they suit you
Entry requirements

Across four and a half years, with tuition fees paid as well as your salary – altogether, it’s a package worth up to £100,000.

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Ulster University

When I joined Kainos, I participated in induction training which lasted one month. Then I was placed on projects in the company and assigned a career coach and people manager – they help me to define my career path and enable me to meet my goals.

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Jonathan Moore
Earn as you Learn Software Engineer
Eamon c

When I first joined Kainos, I was given a four-week introduction training course, where I learned the basics in a wide range of languages some of which include Java, SQL & HTML. Everyone has been very helpful and willing to help me learn whenever I am introduced to new technologies.

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Eamon Compston
Earn as you Learn Software Engineer